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Welcome to PagePlusNetwork.com. We are an Authorized Dealer for Page Plus Cellular. We are glad you are here. Feel free to browse the website and purchase a phone or a Page Plus monthly service plan or Pay-As-You-Go PIN.


4G LTE Comes to Page Plus

The long-awaited anticipation of Page Plus 4G LTE service is finally here! And yes, we’re just as excited as you are. Page Plus provides fast, efficient 4G LTE service for your compatible LTE device. There are a few things you need in order to use 4G LTE; an approved LTE device, a Page Plus SIM card and a monthly plan.

Page Plus offers four monthly plans that provide 4G LTE service; The Talk n Text 1200, Unlimited Talk n Text, The 55 and the $69.95.

Page Plus 4G LTE SIM cards are available in three different sizes – standard, micro and nano. You will need to purchase the correct size for your device.

If the 4G LTE SIM card slot in your device requires a nano size, you will need the Page Plus Nano SIM card. If your device uses a standard or micros size, you will need the standard/micro Page Plus Dual SIM card. The Dual SIM is a two-in-one; use caution with the dual SIM card when detaching to the correct size (standard or micro) for your phone.


General Tips for Porting Your Number Over to Page Plus

Did you know you can switch to Page Plus and keep your current phone number? Page Plus allows you to keep your number through a simple process called a port-in. Here’s how to do it:

Don’t terminate your existing service - Your old operator account must be active at the start of the port. Porting will automatically close your old account. If you cancel service before the port completes, your account will be closed prematurely and you will lose your number.

Gather the information you need - All carriers require a minimum amount of information needed: the number you are porting and the account number and a PIN or password. Most also ask for the account holder’s name and billing address.

Initiate a number port with the carrier you are switching to - Most carriers let you do a port online. A few require you to call. Ports usually complete within 24 hours, often in an hour or less. During the porting process there may be a short period, usually less than five minutes, when neither phone works. Please allow up to three (3) hours before contacting customer service to check the status of your port.


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